My career started in construction and matured into development, so I know both sides of the spectrum, both private and public. I currently sit on the Board of Trustees for the Las Vegas Global Alliance, an organization which is dedicated to developing the economy of southern Nevada and serves as a development resource center. I am committed to ensuring we only attract and recruit new businesses to relocate to our City that provide an excellent tax base and offer high paying jobs. I am also dedicated to preserving the interests of the redevelopment areas of our city. In order for these areas to thrive, we need to seek new solutions for tomorrow’s successes.
I am a huge proponent of primary education and secondary education choice. I believe the future of our community relies on the actions of today. The Mayor and Council oversee the Community Education Advisory Board (CEAB), a board meeting that I enjoy attending as innovation and new ideas are explored and discussed. Education has always been important to me, as well as to the families and businesses that call Henderson home, and I am committed to ensuring that Henderson schools are always improving and that secondary education choices are available for our students as they graduate high school.
Community Safety is and always will be a top priority for Henderson. We are continuously recognized as one of the safest cities in the nation, however, we must take steps to ensure we are always in this category. I believe having cutting edge technology not only makes us a smart city, it makes us a safe city and we need to continuously reinvest in both our police and fire departments in order to have the response times and number of first responders needed to serve our community. I will work with both labor and city staff to ensure that the needs of our city are fully met.
I am a third generation Nevadan who has watched this community grow by leaps and bounds. I was born and raised here and am fortunate enough, along with my wife Mary, to raise our family here. I want my grandchildren to enjoy the same community I grew up in. Having superior parks, bike paths, libraries and recreation centers all make up our quality of life. I want to preserve and honor our history while being mindful in planning for the future. As a councilman, I am proud to live, work and play in our city and know that we are on the cusp of a future growth spurt. I pledge to do my best for the people in our city whom I call friends, neighbors and colleagues.
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